Oxylabs: An In-Depth Review

Reliable proxy network with advanced scraping tools and industry-standard customer support – a premium option for enterprise-grade data collection.

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Oxylabs is one of the popular competitors in the premium proxy service market that allows users to gather data at scale. With a 4.8 out of 5 Trustpilot score and a 4.5 out of 5 G2 score, it stands as a tough candidate among its other competitors. But do these commendable ratings truly reflect the quality of this Lithuanian-based proxy service? Let’s find out in this review.

General Overview

The company has been in the market since 2015. As mentioned earlier, the company is based out of Lithuania. Oxylabs’ clientele includes companies like Trivago and Stanford.

Oxylabs places significant emphasis on business ethics. They follow a framework created by them to acquire proxies ethically. According to their website, they have sourced more than 100 million proxies till now, which is a huge number — although the partners and apps they work with are not transparently listed.

One of the standout features of Oxylabs is that all of its products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber insurance by Lloyds Insurance. This means that in case of any proven objective fault by the company, the insurer will compensate for the losses incurred by the client. According to Oxylabs, no other company provides this.

Oxylabs provides services like residential proxies, datacenter proxies, mobile proxies, rotating ISP proxies, and more. Let’s look at their residential proxy offerings now.

Oxylabs products

1. Residential proxies

As already mentioned, Oxylabs has more than 100 million residential proxies, which is the highest in the market. They also mention a nearly 99.95% success rate and 0.6 seconds of response time for their residential proxies.

The benefit of choosing Oxylabs residential proxies is that you get to choose your IP from 195 countries around the globe and can even geo-target requests according to state, city, ZIP code, or even using coordinates. This geo-targeting feature is free of cost and is a plus if you need geo-targeted proxies.

Similar to most residential proxies, they also adhere to the endpoint:port configuration. Users can switch IPs with each connection request or create a static session that lasts up to 30 minutes. You can also choose between HTTP, HTTPS, or the faster SOCKS5 protocol for better security. The significance of the SOCKS5 protocol lies in its ability to enhance online privacy and IP protection, facilitate the bypassing of internet blocks, and provide improved performance for a wide range of applications and devices. Its efficiency in handling firewall navigation with minimal complications also makes it a preferred choice for enterprise use cases. They also have not set any limits for additional concurrent sessions, and you can have as many concurrent sessions as possible. The developer docs are also pretty straightforward and help you get started quickly.

Total Available Residential IPs100 million plus
Geographic Distribution195 countries
IP Targeting FeaturesCountry, State, City, Zip
ASN/Coordinates TargetingAvailable
IP RotationEvery request, 1-30 mins
AuthenticationCredentials, IP Whitelisting, API access

Residential proxy performance

The performance of Oxylabs proxy service is impressive. When testing their residential proxies, three out of four requests in the unfiltered pool yielded unique IPs.

The residential proxies are very performant, and the latency was also very low. Also, Oxylabs has the fastest response time, same as Smartproxy with 0.57 seconds, where the average response time of SOAX was 1.05 seconds and NetNut had a response time of 2.13 seconds. But one thing to note here is that domains, such as Government websites, streaming services, and LinkedIn, are blocked by Oxylabs.

When it comes to performance, Oxylabs is a great solution.

Residential proxy pricing

Regarding pricing, Oxylabs allows you to choose either the pay-as-you-go plan or a fixed monthly tiered fee for regular customers. The pay-as-you-go plan charges you $10/GB capped off at 50 GB per month. The regular tiers start at $99 per month giving you a maximum of 11GB traffic (which makes the per GB price $9) per month scaling up to $600 per month for a total of 86 GB of traffic (at a rate of $7/GB).

The enterprise tier begins at $800 per month for a total of 133 GB of traffic (at a rate of $6/GB) scaling up to $4000 per month for a total of 1TB of traffic (at a rate of $4/GB).

Pricing TypeStarting PriceTraffic
Pay-as-you-go$10 per GBUp to 50GB per month
Tiered Fee (Micro)$9 per GB11 GB

2. Datacenter proxies

Oxylabs has the largest pool of Datacenter proxies, too. According to their website, their dedicated datacenter proxies have a proxy pool of more than two million IPs from nearly 8000 subnets around 188 countries, and the shared datacenter proxies give you access to a proxy pool of 29,000 IPs. The shared pool, however, provides only 15 geo-locations in the US, Europe, and Asia.

The Shared Datacenter Proxies are the most cost-effective option for general web scraping needs. On the other hand, Dedicated Datacenter Proxies provide superior performance and unlimited bandwidth, ideal for large-scale data scraping and market research — although they place limits on concurrent sessions, it is still a viable option for cost-effective scraping. Both types cover a wide range of geographic locations and support various protocols, including HTTP and SOCKS5. They also offer advanced features like city and state geo-targeting at no extra cost and a large selection of IP addresses just like their residential proxy offerings for diverse scraping needs.

FeaturesDedicated DC proxiesShared DC proxies
Proxy PoolMore than 2 million29,000
Bandwidth LimitUnlimitedStarting from 77GB
Concurrent Sessions1000 for self-service,
unlimited for Enterprise plan
Average Uptime99.9%99.9%
Proxy RotationOn every new requestOn every new request
LocationsUnited States, United Kingdom, Germany,
France, Netherlands, Canada, and Brazil for Self-service, and 188 locations for Enterprise plan
15 geo-locations in the US, Europe and Asia

Datacenter proxy performance

According to their website, the average success rate of Oxylabs Datacenter proxies is 99.98%, and the average response time is 0.6 seconds, which is what they promise. Also, Oxylabs proxies are one of the fastest proxies. While scraping websites like Amazon the success rate gets reduced, however, scraping Walmart and Home Depot gave an almost perfect success rate.

Datacenter proxy picing

The pricing for shared Datacenter proxies starts at $0.65 per GB. The shared pricing plan for regular customers goes up to $300 per month for 600 GB of traffic which comes around to $0.5 per GB.

The pricing plan for dedicated Datacenter proxies is straightforward. The self-service plan starts at $50 per month and for 20 IPs. The bandwidth is unlimited here.

Pricing Dedicated DC ProxiesShared DC Proxies
Starting price$50 per month ($2.5/IP)$50 per month(.65/GB)

3. Mobile proxies

The mobile proxy pool consists of 20 million proxies, which also makes it the largest mobile proxy network. Oxylabs routes the proxies through real devices which makes it very effective for bypassing blocking. You can choose your proxy from 140+ countries, and it allows you free-of-cost geo-location targeting. You can target using country, city, state, coordinate, or ASN. However, you cannot target via zip codes.

It is also possible to use a single IP for up to 30 minutes if you don’t want to rotate the proxy automatically. The Oxylabs mobile proxies also support the SOCKS5 protocol.

Proxy Pool20 million+
Available Locations140+ countries
Geo-location targetingTarget by country, city, state, coordinate,
and ASN. No support for zip.
Sticky SessionUp to 30 minutes
Proxy RotationAutomatic
Socket SupportHTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5
Concurrent SessionsUnlimited

Mobile proxy performance

Oxylabs stands tall with its claims and it can be a good mobile proxy option for large-scale tasks. It returned a good number of unique IPs without any location filters.

The average response time of Oxylabs is good, and the average success rate was nearly 98%. It beats most of its competitors in terms of average response time.

When targeting popular websites like Amazon and Walmart using mobile proxies, the average success rate was 93% with an average response time of 3 seconds.

Mobile proxy picing

Similar to the pricing format of residential proxies, they offer two types of pricing plans for regular customers: pay-as-you-go and tier-based pricing. The pay-as-you-go model goes for a flat rate of $22 per GB capped at 30 GB per month. The tiered plan’s pricing starts at $200 (at $20 per GB) for 10 GB of traffic per month, which scales to $850 per month for 50GB of traffic (at a rate of $17/GB).

Oxylabs also offers a separate enterprise tier, with prices starting at $1600 per month ($16 per GB) for 100 GB of traffic scaling up to $4200 per month ($14 per GB) for 300 GB of traffic. There’s also a custom tier that offers over 500 GB of traffic per month for a price of $5000.

Like their Datacenter and Residential proxies, they offer unlimited concurrent sessions and free geo-targeting.

Pricing Regular CustomersEnterprise Customers
Starting price$200 for the tier-based plan ($20/GB)$1600 per month ($16/GB)

4. Web Unblocker

The Oxylabs Web Unblocker is an advanced tool that facilitates block-free web scraping, leveraging AI and machine learning to bypass complex anti-bot measures. It’s specifically designed to mimic real user behavior, ensuring access to public data from challenging websites. They mention that they are using a patented solution that can bypass sophisticated anti-bot systems.

It integrates easily like a proxy service but with the added benefits of JavaScript rendering and dynamic browser fingerprinting, making it a versatile tool for businesses needing to access and analyze web data without the common obstacles.

The web unblocker uses a proxy pool consisting of more than 102 million ethically sourced IPs with country, city, or coordinate-specific targeting. These proxies are available in 195 countries.

Web Unblocker picing

The pricing plan of the web unblocker starts at $75 per month. This plan allows a maximum traffic of 5 GB (at a rate of $15/GB). But you can get a 10% discount on the price if you opt for a yearly plan.

They also offer a one-week free trial with a maximum of 1GB bandwidth and up to 10k results. You get to test all the features available in the paid tiers to choose whether to opt for their web unblocker.

A regular customer can access up to 60GB of bandwidth for the price of $660 per month (at a rate of $11/GB). If you require more bandwidth than this, you should check out their enterprise plans. The enterprise plan starts at $900 per month with a 100GB traffic limit, cutting down the per GB cost to $9.

Other details

Oxylabs provides primarily two ways to get started. The first one is the self-checkout option, and the second one is for enterprise solutions where the enterprise can contact Oxylabs to get started. The self-checkout option is aimed at regular customers. Using this, you can create an account, just like you register for any other website, and get redirected to their dashboard. You have the option to either sign up with Google or fill up the registration form.

How to Manage Subscription and Usage

The dashboard gives you a single place to subscribe or manage all your proxies. The homepage of the dashboard also shows you the total traffic and traffic usage for the last 30 days. Detailed information, pricing, and other relevant information are also added to the dashboard, making it very easy for the user to use. The dashboard is also filled with relevant videos and other resources to help you get started quickly.

Oxylabs does not provide any wallet functionality, so you’ll need to make a transaction every time you subscribe to or renew a service.

Documentation and Support

They have detailed documentation for all their services. From integration guides to advanced proxy solutions like Web Unblocker, everything is covered under their documentation page, which is excellent.

They also provide 24/7 chat support for all their customers, as well as a dedicated account manager for enterprise solutions. Moreover, they also have a Discord community. So, when it comes to support, you have more than one option to get connected with Oxylabs. Also, according to G2 and Trustpilot reviews, most of the reviewers have given a thumbs-up to their customer support.


If you’re Oxylabs’ target customer, you’ll likely be pleased with their service. It’s not a simple buy-and-go experience but a sophisticated and professional one where they value and remember each client. The service is top-notch, especially their proxies and scraping tools.

You’re in safe hands, but it’s a bit pricey, especially for smaller businesses. The cost is more justified for larger data needs. Basically, if you need a high-quality proxy service and will use it to its full potential, Oxylabs could be your go-to choice.